New Hobby: Natural Cork Jeweelry.

Natural Cork

In a society that wants to be more environmentally friendly and forward-thinking, cork is the only material 100% natural, sustainable and recyclable, with a wealth of uses and properties, that no technology has been able to replicate to this day. Cork production does not destroy the trees, after harvesting, the cork oak undergoes a self-regeneration process unseen in any other forest species. Low environmental impact, energy efficiency, quality, durability, and reusability, are a range of advantages that justifies the choice of architects, designers, and decorators worldwide.

I import cork directly from Portugal the world’s largest producer of cork and the components (findings and clasps) from both Portugal and other Mediterranean countries six of which (including Morocco) I have had to privilege to visit and stay to enjoy the culture and cuisine. All the products in the Cork Jewelry are my original designs (and “original” is noted) except designs from the cork producer. All are produced and shipped from my small rural farmhouse in Jasper, Alabama USA. Again, each piece within that category can be customized to your size wrist or your desired necklace length with the exception of the rings which are adjustable.

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